Hi and welcome. This is a temporary competition page, solely for the members of the club during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, and while we are not able to hold and attend meetings. 

 The competition is open to all members, and will be held monthly. The rules are simple, Photos do not need to be age restricted, although we would rather you use new photos for the competition. Photos can be taken in your home, garden and while you are out exercising (walking), although we do expect you to adhere to the governments ruling of social distancing and not traveling. Subjects will be chosen for each month and emailed out for the relevant month. Using your initiative and photographic skills is encouraged. An initial limit of 3 entries per member per month. Standard size of image that is used in PDI comps (1920 x 1080). You as members are able to vote for the images (by clicking on the heart icon on the image) and in the event of a tie, it is the judges discretion to choose the winner. The closing date for the competition will be set in the email, and the winner will be notified. One week will be allotted for voting (no entries permitted at this time)  The winner will get the front page on the website, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd will go into the internal competitions page.

To enter the competition send your entries to

How to vote.....

In order to vote please click the heart icon on the image(s) you like and think are worthy of your vote. You can only cast one vote per image, but you can vote for as many images as you please. Please remember this is just a bit of fun, so if everyone votes only for their own images then this would force the management to select the winner, so please vote wisely and then that means YOU choose the winner. In the case of a tie judgement will be made by Clarity, Subject, Difficulty and composition.


Many thanks .... and good luck

Comp 7 - ' HARVEST '

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