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Competition rules


 1. You may enter a maximum of 3 entries.


 2. Images must be all your own work (with the ability of AI programs to create anything, this is your chance to record history as it is) So no imported skies etc.

The club assumes that you own the copyright for the image and have all the required permissions for the shoot. We will not use your images for promotional purposes but may put them up on our Club or Facebook site.


3. Only images less than 36 months old on the date of the competition are eligible. This means we can’t accept images just because you’ve reworked the manipulation within the plast three years.


 4. They can’t have been entered into of our previous club competitions.

This rule is relaxed for our trophy competitions, so if you have a great shot in the Sam Tuck competition and think it will work well in another competition, this would be allowed.


 5. Images may be Coloured, Black and White, Monochrome or a Combination. (Unless the competition states otherwise)


 6. There are no restrictions on the amount of digital manipulation you may carry out (Unless the competition states otherwise)


 7a. Portrait images should be resized to a maximum height of 1080 pixels. (Then check they are no more than the maximum width of 1920 pixels.) This is for the projection software.


7b. Landscape images should be resized to a maximum width of 1920 pixels. (Then check they are no more than the maximum height of 1080 pixels.) Present projection software restriction

These are maximum sizes per side. (1920 X 1080)

You can have 1920 wide and not greater than 1080 high (so 1920 X 150 is acceptable)

Or you can have 1080 high and not greater than 1920 wide (so 1080 X 150 is weird but acceptable)


8. The image file name should be changed to, for example: 

 José_I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.jpeg


 Note that everything after the _ (underscore) and up to the . (period) will be visible on the screen when the image is shown during competitions.

(hint, judges may get bored if the title is too long, something about attention span, so if you can get the gist of it into three words ... )

When you’ve chosen your name, please keep it for the whole season as deviation mucks up the machine’s ability to add up. We can work out that Sir Keir Starmer, Keir Starmer, K.Starmer and kstarmer are all the same bloke, but the computer only sees in one’s and noughts, so would read that as four different punters. (at present we have no José, so you can claim that if you so wish. So it could be José_Reflection.jpeg for example)


Send your entries to:

PRINT Competitions

Please, rules 1-6 above still apply, (saves me having to retype everything) plus 


  7. Your name (not just initials) plus the title on the back of the print/mount please. Someone has to read the title out for the judge so make it big & bright enough please.

You can of course put the title of your print on the front. This reminds the judge about your image. (The present, favoured method is to cut the corner off an envelope and affix with masking tape (at the back) to bottom right of mount, this is so you can re-use the mount at a later date, should you wish)

  1. I wonder what happened to rule #8

9. Mount sizes no bigger than 14.5 inches by 11.5 inches. (There used to a bloke in Chelmsford market who has a variety of card on sale around that size and you’ll not be penalised if you go slightly under or over these sizes, though smaller ones might fall through our display rack) We’re not that prissy about meeting the sizes exactly, however other clubs/organisations might frown, and mark you down accordingly.

The colour of the mount is your choice. Again, other clubs/organisations may have other ideas.

Your image just has to be in that area, it’s up to you how much or little of that space you use, & whether it’s in the middle or not is your artistic licence.

Most people print at A4 but if you feel A5 will suffice or A3 might be better, go for it.

You have a 14.5 X 11.5 showcase area to use as you wish.

At present, the best deal on printing is the ARU print shop on the Rivermead Campus. It’s entrance is on Rectory Lane.


 10. Please send a title of your intended print to the competition email address so we can make up a score sheet. Please ensure the title you send is the same title as on the mount. (If you change the title please let the competition secretary know, otherwise it may not be found or marked during the competition)

There’s nowt more frustrating than trying to find an image title, in the dark, whilst the judge waxes lyrical about the image, only to find that the title has been changed to ‘Pancake Day’ and somewhere down my list is ‘Mrs. Miggings does a backflip’


Post just the titles to

Though having said that, a PDI version might be nice so we can put the winning shots up on the club site.

Please remember, ALL these rules can be adjusted to suit the competition.

We’ll let you know in advance of any quirks to apply.


Also, you have to be a fully paid up member to enter any competition.

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