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All at C

Apologies again about the lateness, I really should set aside a time when I can write this.

Ok, so this week was the first competition of the new season (If you ask I can tell you what subjects are coming up) This one dealt with the letter C

That's anything beginning with that letter.

And boy, did we have some interpretations

Cats, big and little.

Planes and boats and ... wait, no trains.

People and bugs,

Industry, rivers, coasts and canals.

Plants and Peeps.

We had David Hall along to be our adjudicator (prevents all the infighting) and he did a great job, chucking in comments, cajoling us to crop, lighten, darken ... just little tweaks to lift our images. He did such a good job that we let him out of carpark, unscathed.

54 images from fourteen authors in what was effectively an open competition, so he had to judge the merits of a coastline and compare it to a sleeping cat. And they say judging is a piece of pi ... wait, can I say that on here?

Anyways, after running through them, he asked to hold thirteen photos to look at again, from seven different peeps, so perhaps we are starting to gt the hang of this. I should point out that none of mine were held back by the daft old codger with his skewed outlook on life, but hey ... I'm not bitter!

So, after handing out the final scores, four of which got a maximum ten, we badgered him to rate those four for bragging rights.

Tony's Chameleon got best of the night.

Cathy was runner up with Charley Brown chatting on a Spitfire

Tony took third with his splendid Cheetah

and a highly placed Chris with his Catalina.

In the race for season champion, Tony has set an easy pace with Chris running a close second, then Cathy, Katherine and Dave all vying for third.

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