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Blooming Marvelous

So this evening, we had our first print competition of the season.

The subject being flowers.

We were judged tonight by Peter Norris, not a stranger to our doors, and hopefully, we didn’t scare him too much that he won’t darken our doorstep again.

We had quite a good turnout with lots of shots … with classy interpretations from Katherine to the down right ordinary from me and everything in between. There was very little a judge could add after the first one, I mean, what can you say about flowers that has been said in a previous shot. That said he did manage to keep us entertained with anecdotes on how we could improve them. He went through all the shots holding back a dozen photos. Obviously, none of mine made it to the end. Scoring of the non held shots went from a miserable five up to an eight (if you ignore the held backs which hadn’t been marked, I was in the lead, right up until the final reckoning)

In the final twelve, were all of Katherine’s photos, shots from big & little Kevins, Richard, Colin, Julia, Dave, Jon … & I have to agree with him, these twelve did stand above the others.

Ok, honours … Peter did chose an overall winner, but we pushed him for a first, second and third, so

Equal third with 9.5 was (big) Kevin’s ‘Evening Rose’ (which had some cracking side lighting) and Julia’s ‘Cosmos’ (it was just that wee bit more special than t’others)

Second, also with 9.5 points was Katherine’s ‘Cascade of Flowers’

this was a edge to edge shot of flowers that you could lose yourself in for ages. The printing was delicious and the presentation superb.

Best of the night with a ten

Again Katherine. This time with ‘Bloom & Bud’

Great composition, t’was almost 3D, again printing and presentation faultless.

Great result lass, 8.5, 9, 9.5 and a ten. You are certainly keeping us on our toes.

I’ve put up some phone photos below but they just give a representation.

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