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Braintree Battle

Can't believe that this is the first post this year, someone's been lacking in their duties!

So, tonight we welcomed Braintree Camera Club to our hallowed Zoom meeting, for our annual photo contest.

A light hearted contest that only takes on serious undertones when you're losing.

Tonight's bash was adjudged by Chas Merry, from Moulsham Lodge Camera Club (where I used to play back in the eighties!)

The brief was simple, five shots in each category by different authors.

The categories being Colour, Mono, People and Landscapes.

After much cajoling by me, we finally had a good selection of pictures and sat down last week to chose the twenty finalists. Boy, that was fun. I had the missus threatening to leave if we couldn't decide the final shots some time before midnight (we started at two!) David had gone and got himself admitted to hospital (all good now hopefully) and it was our first selection committee by zoom. Still, the committee are still on speaking terms, so I suppose that's a bonus.

Yea, we won.

We started out with the Colour round. Three eights and a seven along side Chris's brill shot of a rider chasing his motorbike, which got a ten, meant we had this round 41 points to 36.

Mono, not so clear cut this round but June picked up a ten for her rather good photo of Tower Bridge at night. Dave Walker snagged a nine for his Soul singer giving us the edge 40 to 37. Dave Barker (BCC) picked up a ten for his "Beached at Ben Nevis" shot, which also happened to be Chas's fav of the night.

Landscapes, we grabbed this round 41 t0 38 No tens, but Katherine's "Wareham Forrest" and David's "Hills and Dales" both scooped nines, which turned out to be the top marks of the round.

Lastly People. Two tens this round. Veronica's 'Captain' and June's 'Blending In' taking top positions along side of Sylvia's (BCC) humorous "Now you listen Here!"

Katherine's well travelled (by the selection committee) "Holding the Mask" grabbed a nine giving us a 43 to 40 advantage.

so overall we won by 165 - 151

We had eleven different authors and an average of 8.25 per photo (I'm going for that as mine only hit a seven)

I'll see if I can get our Whizz Kid to put them up on here for those who missed it.

ok. Byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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