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Hi Y'all 

Well, that's another competition out of the way. 

We had Roy Essery of Colchester Camera club along to judge us. 

55 images, eleven hold backs & three nines that didn't make the cut. 

Sooo the three nines 


Maddy & 


& the holdbacks went to 


two from Colin

two from Selva


a couple from Rose

a pair from Rob and 



Of these he gave another three nines to Colin, Cheryl and Rob 

Roy gave four nine ana halfs to Rose, Patrick, Colin & Selva 

Highly recommended with a ten was Selva with his Bocking Bridge 

also with a ten in third place was Rob with Fountains Bridge 

Second was Rose with Ponte Storto in Venice 

and top of the heap was t'guvnor, Steve, with Elvet Bridge, Durham. 

Of this our judge said 

“What immediately impacts you with this, is the depth you see through the image. The dark areas in the foreground which has some good clarity, leading to three key areas, obviously the bridge itself which holds your interest, it’s been there a long time and was beautifully constructed. The factory (whatever it is) up on the left hand side, which has an interesting shape and colour. The house on the right hand side, built at the same time no doubt, with its interesting window. Maybe originally, the toll master’s house. These two objects are holding the subject from both sides. Then your eye is drawn through the bridge to the boat, with its red hull. You can’t see all of it but enough to

know it is a boat. The sky doesn’t distract, and as I said earlier, there is good detail in the water and the bridge. The clarity, contrast and colour of the whole image is great too” 


So, congrats to all of them (he says through gritted teeth) 

Ok, next week we have a change of plans, our speaker can't manage it, so bring along your camera n tripod for some tabletop stuff. 

and the following week is the Peter Turner trophy for Black n White prints  

Also, say Hi to Neil, if we can make him comfy, we might be able to poach him from one of the lesser clubs in town. 

Ok, the winners, not in any particular position

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