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Peter Turner Trophy

Oh Hi,

This is our annual homage to Peter.

One of the early pioneers of this club.

A practical dude that could turn his hand to most things, as some of our equipment will attest. He also enjoyed B&W photography and came from a time before the digital revolution took hold. Hence, to honour him and his craft, we run a trophy competition for Black & White prints. Last year’s winner, Rob, was hoping to keep his hands on  the gong.

Tonight’s adjudicator was Dr. Julie Hutson. A welcome return for us as she’s quite good at this. We gave her 47 images to agonise over.

There was everything here … industrial, landscape, portraits, bridges, busses, trains, even some sport. The only thing missing was planes (get well soon Chris)

This makes the doc’s work hard, how do you compare a twenties haymaking scene with a transit van at the scrappy … or a train with a full head of steam with a dewy spider’s web? I suppose there is a bit of personal preference here but hey, that’s why we invited her.

She did make mention of our mounts (and pointed out that marks wouldn’t be lost) but peeps, you asked and I told you the sizes. I don’t want to moan but it doesn’t give a look good for the club. Yeah, I know it can be expensive but you can re-use them.

Of those she held back ten, explaining that sometimes two trains needed to be held side by side to give a better critique.

Of these ten, five were given highly commended nine and a half’s minimum

She then chose her top three, all gaining tens

In third place came Dave’s ‘Cobbler & his Dog’ a lovely portrait of a man and his dog in the shop. This had it all with great detail, plenty of interest around them.

Second was Jose’s ‘Seed Pods’ a simple still life, excellently executed (I think someone might be borrowing this idea)

Top of the heap was Patrick (first of many I suspect) with another simple ‘Stairway to Heaven’ some great tones and diagonals in this image.

So, thanks to all that entered.

I know it’s an old fashioned concept but it does make you explore a different genre.

Thanks to the Doc for her wise words

Hopefully you’ll be able to see the top shots at the end. Maybe not in the right order. (Apologies, can't find a copy of the Dave's third placed image)

Next week have Chris telling us about his life as a marquetry maestro.



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