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Competition #5

Well, tonight we had our 5th competition in the PDI stakes. Subject matter was open, and to put us in our places, we had Tony Bramley, from Colchester Camera Club.

Now, I did give Tony access to our images before the evening, so he had time to assess them at his leisure, rather than at the breakneck speed of the evening. This gave him time to put together a thoughtful and measured critique of each image. Tony is all about helping peeps to make better images. He is also not adverse to telling you that the rule of thirds ain't the bee all and end all of photography and that woman in the red coat better be there for a reason, rather than just to please the judge. He is also not one for titles. If you ever get to see his work, he wants you to form your own opinion about his image, not be led by some inane comment.

Ok, judging. 58 shots and he took the time to be positive about each and every image, you felt that he actually marked them for our efforts and then tried to provide helpful hints of how we could make them better. My own images got trashed but in my defence, I've given up trying to please the judges and now put in what I like, so I do like the critique and maybe I'll be better next time.

Overall he held back ten images. two each from Rob J. Katherine and David K and one each from Val, Tony, Selva and Dave W

David K scored a 8 and a 9 1/2

Val got a 9.5 for her Mundon Oak, as did Tony for his Aurora Borealis and Dave W for his Wrench on Wood.

Selva got a perfect ten for his serene shot from the Broads. Whisking Wind

Katherine got third place overall with another ten, this time it was the Reflections, New York. then grabbed second spot and another ten with Trapped.

Rob's Early morning shot down on the Stour one cold and frosty morn got a highly recommended ten, and then crowned a great evening with another ten for his Best Mate a late evening shot down at Thorpe Bay that was Tony's best shot for the evening

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