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Ok, this competition started many moons ago.

Way back in the dark days of 2019, we decided to have Inside the M25 as the subject of our counties competition. We had already been to Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Kent.

Then Covid struck

So finally, we get to see all those fabulous images everyone had taken, but forgotten about.

So we had thirty six images to deal with, some as recent as last weekend.

we had shots of buildings, heathland, woods, folks at play, peeps competing and the Thames. A real smorgasbord of shots and strange competing buddies.

Val's people on a life raft was full of fun and excitement, whilst Katherine's eventual winner, The Thames Barrier was serene and calming. Colin & Robs relaxing Epping forest tour in stark contrast to Kev's Marathon runners. Chris and Cathy bought us an aircraft museum whilst no more than a few miles up the road, Dave was shooting street scenes in Waltham. a very eclectic lot.

It finished with a clean sweep for Katherine, all three positions, but then, they were something else. Judge for yourself

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