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Not a very awe inspiring that headline … but it was time for the AGM.

this stunning event is held every year because, dems da rulz

Thanks everyone who showed, 17 of you plus the five that sat at the high table.

Chairperson, treasurer, secretary, competitions clerk (that’s me) web design, print competition gal and the President, all gave their latest updates, albeit, very little due to the past eighteen months of our club being seriously curtailed (as most other clubs) by the various strains of the covid virus.

You’d think with so little to say it would be over quickly, but no. There was some lively debate about increasing prices, the pros and cons of Zoom, alternate money raising schemes, external competitions, judges, plus the latest on the program (which is a strain for the secretary as these things are normally booked ages in advance)

Each of the committee members had to be re-elected and sadly, no one wanted to step into my shoes, or anyone else’s as it happens. So, either we’re doing a good job, or no one else wants the responsibility. We did gain an external competitions secretary and new blood for the print competitions as the present incumbent is going to try to ease the burden of the secretary, but on the whole, it’s as it was.

Welcome to the newbies, not an ideal meet to see the best of the club, but hopefully we made it interesting enough for you to come back and check us out proper.

First three weeks are free, next three are three quid on the door, and if you still like us, then you’ll be hunted down by the committee for our Christmas bonus.

Sorry, I misspelt membership there.

Please remember that for all our internal competitions, you have to be a fully paid up member.

It was great to see you all again, and hopefully, you’ll all be along next week.

Next Week we have Tony back for some more of his world travels.

see ya.

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