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Updated: May 17, 2023

Hi Peeps

Well this week was all about our latest competition.


A wide ranging subject with loads of scope ...

we had Tunnels, theatres & Trains

Bathrooms, Bobbins & Boudoirs

Cafes, Churches & Cars

we had Colour, Colour Popping and Black & White.

We also had a new judge.

not new new

just a new one for us.

Step forward Colin Strong from Potters Bar.

& a mighty fine job he did too, so much so that we actually contributed to his expenses!

There was only 44 images (disappointing from the club's point of view) and this gave the judge time to talk us through his interpretation & suggest things we might try to do at the taking stage to get a more pleasing image.

Things like a lower (camera held at waist level) or higher viewpoint (to help with those converging verticals) Processing techniques, cropping etc etc.

His own fixation seemed to be with symmetry and getting it straight on, but then again, the next judge will call for you to take a couple of steps to the right ...

That's the nice thing about judges.

They come in, give us their opinions, and the members stay friends with each other. Even if I think your effort should be in the bin whilst mine should be hanging in the Tate, the judge has called it and we abide by his/her decision. I will say, it's costing me a fortune in bribes to keep my efforts near the top though!

He did say he liked photos that challenged him, made him ponder, think about why it was taken (& how it could be improved) I believe he was not disappointed when it came to one of Katherines photos. he started out questioning why she had left the door in the picture, then he noticed the bowler hatted man in the mirror, then on to the face in the fire grate, so now you have to go back to the door, realise that it's s'posed to be there and question why? It's like she has recorded one of her dreams and given us a photo representation of that dream.

I often wonder how many take our ideas away with them.

Colin's marking ... everything from six ana half up to a ten for the winner.

Rob disappointed (yet again) that little Kev beat him and Katherine & Tony getting images held back. Some things never change, but I have noticed that young Dave is quietly getting in on the action with his own view of the world.

So, four images held back, Katherine, Tony, Dave and one of Nick's.

Tony's Black & White Shepherd's Home deemed to be fourth

Katherine's Steps to Heaven third

Nick's Kentwell Kitchen second

Leaving Dave's Chrome & Hats as the Judges best of the evening.

Thank you Colin, a breath of fresh air and long may you darken our doorsteps again.

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