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Again I'm hopelessly late with this,

Ok, this week we were entertained by the troops in a knockout competition. everybody (who entered) was able to put up twenty shots, any age, any subject, and boy, did we get some variations. We travelled from darkest Wales all the way across to New Zealand, seeing birds and bees along the way. We had landscapes, seascapes, sunrises and sunsets, starry starry nights, in fact, if you couldn't find something you liked, then you are just too damn fussy.

With Val being compere and chief hand counter we soon rattled through 160 odd shots, slowly whittling them down to the final two.

and the overall victor was Dave Walker with his misty, moody shot of boats in Maldon Harbour. Brilliant Dave.

Commiserations to everyone else, especially Tony's rather splendid kids playing in the shadows of Baobab trees as the sun sets. You have to feel for this shot, it battled through all the rounds (some shots were introduced in third round) only to fall at the final hurdle. it's also terrible when your carefully crafted masterpiece gets paired with another of your masterpieces.

here's the winning shots ...

If you want a glimpse of what you missed, watch out for the screensavers at the club.

NB just noticed as i went to update the machine that i hadn't hit post. Doh!

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