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Late Again

mustav been the excitement of Christmas

or the New Year

or the first meet of the year

but the blog totally slipped my mind.

so this week was a knockout for club members to put in some images they find interesting, and one of those images was projected on the wall alongside another randomly selected image, and, with a show of hands, the members chose which image stayed in the competition and which was condemned to the bin. It's so disappointing when you bestie comes up against either one of Katherine's or Robs and you know it's gonna be voted off. And the randomness of the machine, one minute it's Capa vs Adams and the next two are Benny from Crossroads vs me (I didn't win that one either)

We began the night with 74 images, which soon got whittled down either by voting or by my clumsy hand (none of mine got through by this method, honest) hitting the vote for tab rather than the enlarge tab and progressing something that no-one had voted for. Mostly it was right though.

Luckily, no robins made it through to the semi-finals and Helen's lovely shot of a raptor gently eased past Selva's tiger to take top slot.

ah well, there's always next year!

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