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Oh Nyx ...

Flippin' heck.

Who would've thought you could forget so much so quickly.

Turn up for the meeting without the power pack for the computer ... Doh

So Veronica and I sit down to get all our eggs in a row, she plugs in her memory stick, opens the file to be greeted with the screen

'Unable to open these files'


so after much brow beating and pulling of hair, we discover that she had put the show together on a Mac and we're running a Windows PC

an old Windows PC

A crotchety old Windows PC.

Digging deeper into her memory stick we found the images, not necessarily in the order she wanted to show them, but with a bit of cajoling, and me (a Mac user meself) trying to show Veronica, another Mac user, how to operate a Windows PC ...

an old Windows PC ...

a crotchety old Windows PC ...

tonight's show couldn't have got off to a worse start.

So while V is talking the rest of the room through Snettisham RSPB, I nip home for the charger. I'm back in time for her videos of the murmuration of thousands of shore birds. absolutely stunning and so difficult ... do you go close to show them or zoom back to show the clouds of birds. I have to say Veronica got it fairly spot on.

The next thing we tried was North Korea.

Some of you readers may have remembered a couple of years back, Veronica did this show.

Well it was different this time ... none of the slickness of the previous show,

this was raw,

files in the wrong places making her notes useless. It was definitely shoot from the hip stuff. And every ten or so shots, the PC would bomb, making her go back to pick up where she left off. But, amid this chaos was Veronica, explaining each shot, why she took it, how she didn't get shot herself.

This from a lass who got the North Korea gig by entering a marathon race, a race she had to train for because she'd never run one before, whilst breaking in her new hip.

I dunno if chutzpah is a good enough word for your exploits.

Inspirational mate, inspirational.

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