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Onyx and the Gobful of Fire

Some of youse Facebook users might have seen the results of our

"When we went down to the woods today" trip out

Rob, Jon and myself went over to Well Head #5 over in Langdon Hills Parkland for a night shoot. Left t'clubhouse at around six, got held up by some inconsiderate geezer rolling his car on the A130, but spent a fruitful couple of hours or so experimenting with various lighting set ups. Rob playing with fire, Jon playing with multiple exposures, me trying to get something spooky coming out of the well itself. Then there was a couple of smoke grenades, coloured gels on the torches (and some unsuccessful flash attempts)

Back home in time for MotD. (oxygen mask needed to get up the hill back to the car for me though) If this appeals to you (not necessarily just night shoots) chat to any of us and tag along. It's usually tied in to upcoming competitions or just something one of us has wished to try out. So, If you've got an idea you've always wanted to have a go at, catch us at the club and we'll see if we can make it happen.

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