Onyx gets Obsequious.

Well, Evening folks as we start a new season with Springfield Camera Club.

Welcome everyone who came back from last year. Don't worry if I missed you out with the insults, I'll get round to you. Welcome back Cindy,good to see you up and about again. Welcome Max, our nubee. And a big shout out to Kev, good to see you.

And so it begins.

Our first competition.

We had David Hall as our adjudicator and a fine job he did. He even said some nice things about my work, Not enough nice things, but some.

Our experiment with four images meant he had over eighty images to comment and score on. I have to say he was very kind, not making a big deal of our flaws and very helpful with improvements we could look at on site and in the darkroom, so to speak. Good job Sir.

He kept us waiting 'til the seventeenth shot before finding one he liked enough to hold back, and overall held on to 10% of our images. So congratulations to Rob, Rose, Katherine, David W and David K. Your shots were truly outstanding, with Rob picking up the top two slots and David K holding t'others at bay for third place.

I know Rob tickled the judges palate tonight, and his shots were worthy, but if you take away his freakish score, the rest of us mortals all managed to get into the 26 to 34.5 score bracket.

So, well done to the twenty who entered, but a special mention to Rob, Bloody brilliant mate.

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