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Hi ya Folks

Smi again, reporting on our latest in-house battle for supremacy.

Our theme for the evening was Patterns, and our Judge, Mr. Chas Merry of Moulsham Lodge Camera Club. Now Chas has a bit of a rep for being a stickler for the rules, If the subject is Patterns, that's what he wants to see, and I have to say, of the 47 varied prints put forward, he didn't call anyone out.

It was nice to hear his take on our efforts, how post processing might improve the image, what he might cut or crop, where distracting lighting draws your eyes away from the patterns and more than once, the call for minimal vignetting to draw the eye into the centre of the frame.

There was advice for all, from tips for the seasoned shooter in Photoshop use, to the use of letterbox style photo presentation where there was too much on display.

Overall, a good evening.

Once again Katherine featured heavily in the final countdown, securing two highly recommended and third place overall with her New York Reflections. Damn, you're good girl.

Our other Cathy, grabbed second (with her only entry) a simple, still life rendition of knitting patterns that tickled the judges palate. Shot on the living room table, he found it to be a well thought out photo. Kudos Cathy.

And finally the winner, Dave's Chalets. A simple shot across the fronts of the beach huts in Maldon with the Mushroom as the centre piece. Well spotted and captured, sir.

I've tried to capture but apologies, these poor renditions are just mobile shots under fluorescent lighting.

If you want to try your luck with us, come on down, any Wednesday at the parish centre

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