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So, we started off with news of our annual battle with Braintree Camera Club. Some of you may remember the bitter disappointment of last year, when it finished even and the trophy sailed away on the whim of a judge, who picked on of their pictures as his shot of the evening. Well, this year we was back with a bang. With Katherine, Rob, Spencer, David and yours truly all picking up maximums for one or more of our images, that trophy is back where it belongs. Well done all those involved.

We eventually came to the real reason for the meeting, one of Veronica's road trips.

Now you may think that Holiday shots are dull, but this lass holidays, far off the beaten track. We've seen North Korea, sat with gorillas in central Africa, wandered round Central America. This time it was Ethiopia, and Veronica takes shots most of us can only dream of.

At least her show showed some kinda failings (trouble with making the show on a Mac for use on a Windows machine) with pictures all over the shop. Don't get me wrong, it was still a memorable show, but with her notes not in the right places, all descriptions were done on the fly, which probably gave us an insight to how her photo brain works.

She still managed to paint a lovely picture of one of the oldest civilisations in history.

We went from airports under construction to the lip of a volcano. From road construction to churches in caves or half way up a cliff. All this as a prelude to the Timket festival which takes place on January 18th. Now don't get too excited by this date, Ethiopia runs at a different time scale to us. They are at least seven years behind our calendar and probably a few days too. Timket, yet again this lass made us feel like we were part of the action with her (she calls it luck) ability to be in the right time and place, and the portraiture of the locals, WoW. You'll have to hand over many of these shots for outside competitions, pretty please!

Brilliant, I loved it.

Next week we have 'Nature in Macro' a talk by Roger Hance so get there sharp and don't be afraid of bringing a friend, we won't judge!!


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