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Tonight we had our second PDI competition

Subject was B, an open competition. Our Judge tonight was Roy Essery and a pretty sterling job he did too. 70+ images to get through, chose a first second and third, and pick out his favourite shot of the night. All in two hours. Not something I'd fancy.

Sadly, once again the judge failed to pick up on the nuances of my fine work.

Having said that, he did call the shots that I'd have picked and his penchant for rewarding the best, though not necessarily highest scoring, certainly went to the best picture.

Last competition I ribbed Dawn about only playing two images (for first and second place) this time she upped the ante by putting in three, and scored two tens and a nine.

Weirdly when all was said and done, everyone who entered the max number of shots scored between 29 and 35.5. Perhaps we're starting to get the hang of this photography lark!

Anyway, here's the winning entries by Dawn's bears first, Katherine's Bamburgh second and Chris's bikes, third.

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