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Peter Turner Trophy

Tonight was one of our trophy competitions, one of our fixed title events that keep us all out and about with our cameras primed. This one was in honour of Peter and his favourite style of shooting, black and white. (though we have amended it to mono which is how I got my Dawn Patrol included)

Young Steve got up and said a few words about Mr Turner, regaled us with his exploits and how all clubs need a bloke like him to fix stuff. In fact, the device for viewing tonight’s prints was his creation.

Our judge for this evening hailed from the Brentwood Camera Club, a certain Mrs Julie Hutson. Now, I wasn’t paying that much attention, but she did say that members of her club referred to her as Madam Vice and she also said something about soliciting ...

We had plenty of bums on seats (which was nice) but I have to say we didn’t stretch her with our output. As she held back twelve images, methinks the quality is there, but we need a few more entries to make these judges earn their appearance fees.

Of these twelve she gave highly commended marks to four (one with maximum points) and, because it was a trophy event, we needed a one, two, three.

So in third place we had Tony’s ‘Snowy Ridge’ a cracking landscape

Second was Katherine’s unusual ’Bizarre’ with melting lampposts and giraffes.

And top prize went to Tony again with a gorgeous Venetian bridge.

Can I take a moment to thank Judge Julie, great job lass, hope to see you again next semester, either as a judge or perhaps entertaining us with your own photos.

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