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All the latest from Springfield Camera Club - RED

This week it was all about the colour RED. A lot of inventive images challenged our judge, Gordon Bramham and he a lot to say about all of them! The evening was well attended but sadly our usual tea and coffee supply was missing (and will be until December 10th!). We had to avail ourselves of the kindness of the janitor who snuck two large thermos into the room for us to make our own - lovely. Enough of the important bits on to the nitty gritty.

Our judge was entertaining and fair if a little harsh with his marking but consistent so although there were some inward gasps of despair, those exhibitors weren’t alone. In the end there were very few high marks which made us lesser mortals a bit less ‘ho hum’.

In the end, Kathryn took first with a beautifully subtle image of a seated lady.

Second was Chris with a patriotic parachutist, third was Veronica with a gentle image of a small boat returning home at the end of the day. Other worthy mentions are a peaceful lighthouse by our very own Kathryn and Chris with a racing bike at full speed.

At the moment , I am having difficulty adding more than one image. I have no idea why and I'm working on it. Sorry guys.

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