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Sam Tuck ‘22

Well, that was an interesting evening.

the Sam Tuck Trophy, open to all and any photo from the last four years.

Our judge for the evening was a Dr. Julie Hutson. Pretty sure that she’d been to us before, though she was unsure. Ne’er the less, her comments were pretty good.

Chris was up first with a plane, no less (well duh) and she held it back, for goodness sake. She went on to hold seven more before the break and didn’t slow up much after either. Three of Tony’s, a couple each from Rosie, Katherine and yours truly, and Chris, Selva & David K also securing a ”I’d like to look at this again” notification. We must be getting better because the main cause of complaint wasn’t bright spots near the edges (there was a couple) but graininess in the skies. But she did have something good to say about each shot and if you take on board some of her suggestions, who knows where it’ll lead?

I found towards the end our judge was getting a little rushed, I don’t know whether this was because of the number of images or whether we had too long a tea break. Perhaps, in future, and if we have a lot of photos, we’ll start to introduce a ‘three shots plus a reserve’ I’ll still ask for four images, but if it’s oversubscribed, your reserve will be culled. The scoring program already picks your best three scores for each competition,

but judges eh? … one will give it a ten, the next one just an eight.

of the held backs, the first round saw shots from Chris, me, Tony and Katherine get eight point fives. The next sweep saw Selva, Rosie, me (dammit) and Katherine scoop a nine.

leaving four tens. Highly recommended was Lady in Red by Tony. Third place went to David Kerwin’s Recession. After a bit of deliberation, second went to Tony’s splendid Sunrise, Adam’s Peak and top shot of the evening



went to


Rosie for her two Groucheros Waiting for the Sun.

(sorry Rosie, I was playing with the computer when they presented you with the trophy so missed the photo opportunity)

that’s it.

thank you everyone for your entries.

don’t forget there is a B&W print competition in a couple o weeks.


oh PS

a warm welcome to our two newest members

one is a returning old boy, some of you may remember him

welcome back Tony

t’other is a fresh new face

Welcome Matthew.

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