Steve Hedges Evening

Hi ya’ll, ready for some more of me witterings? So, young Steve came round to our house to talk to us about his love affair with photography. Some of you might remember him from last years program where he spoke about creating impact and mood. We obviously approved because we asked him to come back.

This time he spoke of wildlife shooting (with a camera ... doh!) and, apart from the bit about the eight grand 600mm lens, showed us that even with a modest outlay, any of us could achieve dizzying heights, just don’t expect it to come easy, you have to work at it!

He spoke of laying on beaches in the early part of the year so as to get down and personal with seals, albeit at a distance. He spoke of getting up early (I never knew there was two six o’clocks in a day) to get the low sunlight. He spoke of sitting in a hide for hours to get that shot. All scary stuff. But then he showed us the sort of stuff we could get with a lot of practise.

He explained the benefits of the big prime lenses, and the downsides too. How, no matter what lens or camera, there’s gonna be pros and cons, you’ve just gotta concentrate on the pros. Yeah, that prime might be sharper and faster, but the zoom is more versatile, easier on the shoulder and a tad cheaper.

He went on to explain his choice for autofocus, why and how to set it.

What to look for in the background and what to avoid.

Some of the best sites to get these shots.

Benefits of knowing your subject and the time of day/year it’ll be at its best.

There was loads of tips and tricks he imparted, why birds fly south in the winter (coz it’s too far to walk) leaving us all with plenty of ideas for our next trip to capture wildlife. Even if it’s just the Mallards on the duck pond, It’s all practise.

So, thanks Steve, what have you got lined up for next year?


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