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Blue, Blue, Electric Blue that's the colour of my room.

Hi, welcome to the show.

Again with the lateness.

Apologies but I’ve been ill.

Managed to escape the Covid thingy right up 'til a little over two weeks ago.

Can’t seem to shake it off. I think it’s circling the household. I get it, give it to the boy, who gives it to the missus, who passes it back to me. A reet vicious circle!

Anyways, a brief report on our first print competition of the season.

We had the lovely Gill Adams over to cast her eye over our entries.

Gill is not a stranger to these hallowed halls and will be more than welcome back.

She had her work cut out.

Forty two prints (who said printing was dead?) from eleven authors with the colour blue as the deciding factor. And what a range

Trains and boats and planes

birds n bees

Flowers n fishes

Land & sea

Wind and rain

Who’d be a judge?

Well, she held back eleven shots that stood out, with most peeps holding their breath having one or more through to the final showdown

Big Kev’s ‘ Wet day at the Match’ & Val’s ‘Blue Witch’ picking up highly respected nines.

Then it came down to the finals. All tens, but we needed bragging rights so …

In equal third we had Cheryl’s ‘Mallard’ ... great shot, hard to see how it could have been bettered (Oh yeah, welcome to the winner's rostrum, by the way)

& Big Kev again with ‘Lindisfarne Blues’ ... Lovely composition with interest from the foreground to the island itself.

In second place was Dave’s ‘Eye of the Beholder’ ... Cracking image mate. So simple and so complex too and the range. Well held.

In first place was Dave again with ‘Navy Blue’ ... Everything shouts class. Pin sharp, great composition, you can get lost in so many aspects of this shot. I love it.

Well, that’s it

apart from the shots themselves, here's the winning four in no particular order


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