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Essex (a brief glimpse)

Tonight was our first competition after the summer recess, a bit confusing for all because most of us had forgotten about it (we did chose the subject last year) With added confusion about the format (with the cost and a poor turnout in the last few years, it was decided to not have prints) Coupled together with the recent losses to our membership (both regular contributors to our challenges) and despite the BBCs protestations about this being the hottest year ever, it has been a crap summer in Essex. With all these setbacks, we had a quiet night. Just twenty eight entries. Perhaps we could run this competition again for another year

For one of the counties with the longest coast line (at low tide, measuring around all the little islands, it probably comes out on top) the seaside shots were few and far between. Chelmsford town, sorry, city featured in more photos. It was nice to see a couple of black n white shots in there too, it ain't dead yet!

Young Kev opened the show with a photo of Judge Tindal and he went on with other shots about town, showing that you don't have to travel miles when there is stuff right under your nose, should you care to look. Then there was Colin, who took us to Thaxted over to Audley End across to Mistley and Dovercourt finishing at Mundon. A veritable tour of the edges of the county. Hyde Hall & Marks Hall were represented along with Danbury (apologies to Rob, the program would not show that shot in its correct orientation)

So, the great unwashed (sorry again, the members) each had to chose a first, second and third and after a couple of runs through, the slips were handed over to Steve (the only one who claims to be able to count into double figures, whatever that means)

So in equal third place we have




(I've seen them do this on the telly, enhances the anticipation apparently, when in reality, it just makes a half hour program fit into an hour slot)


Colin's shot of Dovercourt Lighthouse. Handsome photo with consideration to it's twin carefully placed in the shot.

and Nick's photo of a rain shower heading towards Mersea Island.

In second place

drum roll


We have Colin again with a clever montage of notable Essex landmarks all dressed up to look like an olde worldy postcard (who remembers them?)

And in first, by a landslide (OK, just one point!) was

Nick's Shot of the longest day sunrise at Walton

My thanks to everyone who took part and to the members who turned up to judge

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