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What a weird title

& what a weird choice for a competition.

I mean, something that looks out of place or is just odd had us all wracking our brains trying to come up with something to fit the brief. It's gotta be unusual, odd, make the judge take a second to work out what's been going on ... and why.

Sadly, from the clubs point of view, we didn't have that many entries, just thirty seven for our judge to pick over ... Oh Yeah, the Judge. A ms Penny Reeves, who braved the weather to mosey down the M11 all the way from Cambridge. I felt kinda sorry for her to come all that way and we didn't put up that good of a show.

Still, I hope she felt welcomed.

Thirty seven photos from ten different authors, that's about a third of the club taking part in a very awkward brief, not too bad I suppose.

Our judge was pretty brutal too, dishing out sixes and sevens like they were going out of fashion, but then her comments reflected her marks too.

The first twenty five shots went for twelve sixes, nine sevens, one eight and three tens.

whilst congratulating us on our photographic prowess, she quite fairly tore us apart on our portrayal of the subject matter. Did it reflect incongruity ... in most cases no, it was just an oddity & didn't tick her boxes.

Ho Hum. Can't please all the judges all the time.

Of course, a certain young lady was a step up from us mere mortals. She tickled the judges fancy. Her thoughts and executions were above my pay grade (that's pretty normal for me) and definitely worth two points more per shot, than mine.

So, Congrats to Katherine for her first and third place, with Colin grabbing second. scorewise, there was nothing to choose between the photos, all getting a straight ten, its just we pushed her for a first second and third, and here's what she came up with

in First place was Katherine's Gone Swimming

In Second was Colin's rather haunting White to Move

and finally, Katherine's Took the wrong Turn

Congrats to the winners

and to us losers, looks like we're gonna have to pull our socks up!

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