Is it on …

Jeez, ok terrible at this. I only remember at stupid times, and then when I’m miles away from any form of recording device (be it Pad, Phone, Pencil & Paper)

What’s been happening.

Well, Chris has led a couple of nights with his passions.

Car racing at Brands and Snetterton.

Bike racing, again at Brands, Snetterton and an indistinct field where, depending on the weather, you get coated in grass, dust or mud.

Then there’s Chris’s other passion, hairyplanes (have you seen some of those craft, no more than a box kite with a lawn mower engine) from his ringside seat at Old Warden.

Katherine has taken us to Dubai, Mauritius, Alaska, Canada and, a lot closer to home, Scotland.

Rob entertained us with an evening showing what’s on our doorstep, well, within ten miles of our doorstep.

Keith took us to Dorset, Colin up north somewhere.

We had an evening with Roger Hance, a Cambridge based tog with his wildlife and landscape views of the UK.

And of course, a couple of nights out, now that the restrictions are easing.

A few of us went down to Thorpe Bay for the evening. Weather was a bit flat but there’s always something to tickle your fancy when the tides out. Loads of boats and mud.

We managed to get a few more along to Hoe Mill Lock and Ulting. Shots of the barges, sluice gates and the church, but mainly it was the chance to renew old acquaintances. I haven’t seen some of you guys n gals in fifteen months. Too damn long!

Hopefully, Rob is planning a trip out for next Wednesday, watch out for Val’s email for details.

Zoom meets are still going ahead, Rosie is now a regular and young Viv, newly ensconced, is back with us. It’s still stilted with either everyone wanting to talk at once, or everyone being polite. I suppose that’s the problem when there is only one chair.

Looking good for restarting the clubhouse meets in September, everyone’s making the right noises. Having said that, the program might be a bit threadbare, again restrictions curtailing commitments.

Looks like a chinwag and fish’n’chip night to start off with. Maybe a quiz or two.

OK, that’s the gossip for now.

See y’all next Wednesday.

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