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Jan Reilly Trophy

Ok, you've guessed it, I was a fan of Jan. She was a bundle of laughs.

This competition was designed to honour the time and effort she invested in the club.

Jan loved to travel, so we thought that that would make a fine subject matter.

Then Covid came an messed everything up so we trimmed the subject to UK Travel as not many of us managed to get away.

After a bit of cajoling, and a bit of nagging, the final result was fifty one images, for our judge to pontificate over. The Judge in question being David Hall. It's not the first time David has crossed our threshhold, and probably not the last, with his wry northern wit and sense of humour.

I have to say these images were not our best, being drawn from stocks rather than purposefully taken for the competition, but times is difficult.

And with David's helpful guidance, we could soon tell what he was looking for, usually in the cropping department, and towards the end of the evening, we could predict what he was going to call for, so I guess a little of his magic was rubbing off on us. Over the next hour and a half he whittled it down to about ten images held back. Of these he gave good marks but three he gave tens. We pushed him for his favourite and again he prevaricated before settling on Katherine's Lady on a train, which he said best fitted the brief of the theme, more that the other two, even though the others were great shots in their own right.

So, Thank you David for taking time out to come and help us see our photo's a little bit deeper.

Here are the results. Although I called for four images, I've set the machine to pick your best three scores on the night. Please note what name you submitted under, and to keep this next time if you wish the machine to keep you scores up to date.

JRT '21 placings
Download HTML • 13KB

A copy of this should be on the club notice board for next week.



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