Local History Competition


we had our final PDI competition for the trophy tonight, expertly presided over by the affable Phil Ricketts.

We did set him a problem with our competition, What do we define as local history, is it pictorial representation of days of yore, or just a set of photos of old buildings, very tough call. But he handled it well.

A recurring theme for many of the shots we put in front of him were 'too tightly cropped' often with him bewailing the fact that the building had no context. Hopefully this was taken on board by us all.

so, anyway, we gave him 52 images to run through, and if he didn't like your shot, I hope you listened to his critique and took something on board.

Right, I know you lot like facts and figures, so here's a few ...

Rob got the best shot of the night with his two minute exposure of Beeleigh falls.

Chris was runner up with his just in time shot of a snowy Barnes Mill Lock from 2018.

and the lovely Vivienne's unique presentation of the viaduct grabbed third.

Spooky that all three were monochrome!

In the final countdown (or should that be up?) of all the scores,

Colin got first place with a score of 36/40, just pipping

Veronica to second with 35.5/40,


Katherine bagged third overall with 34/40.

Congrats to all and thanks again to Phil for his judgement.

I'll put individual scores up on the notice board for next week.

Ok, Byyyyeeeeeeeeee

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