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Murder on the Onyx Express

Here we go again, albeit a bit (hey, albeit ... cool word eh?) late.

Ok, so this is a brief report of our disastrous efforts in the Braintree battle (well, perhaps not disastrous but ...) After ruling the roost for so many years, we finally let the cup slip from our grasp.

Let this be a wake up call for the members, we can only select photos you send into t'committee, so we all have to take stick.

Anyways, back to the evening in question, them Braintree fellers are quite nice and quite a good turnout for the evening. Alas, the judge cancelled at the last minute, which resulted in the Chairman frantically phoning round trying to get a suitable replacement. Up steps Gordon Brennan from Upminster, cheers Gordon.

After the first round of colour we were trailing by two points (even with a ten from David) and the following round, 'scapes, saw us take another battering, leaving us trailing into half time by five points.

Scarfing down the nibbles bought in by members eased our minds a bit.

Second half and we're up and running. Mono and with Katherine getting a ten for her Albino Peacock, we managed to pull the scores back level and all were on edge as we entered the final furlong with People as the subject. We had a ten with a cricket shot and were only six behind with the final photo to score. Sadly, Gordon thought that's all it was worth and the evening turned out to be all evens.

Gordon then said that the best shot of the evening was Braintree's shot (you can see below) meaning the cup was no longer ours.

It's really weird, I was part of the selection committee (first reserve at short notice that lived close or summat) and the 'Banker' shots that had done well in previous competitions seemed to fare the worst. Just shows 'one mans meat ...'

So, lessons will be learnt an all that guff, Chris needs your shots if we're not to be the whipping boys again.

A Promise of Wind and Waves ©Braintree Camera Club

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