Oh my Gawd.

Well, if you turned up at t'clubhouse on Wednesday, you'd probably noticed that few others had bothered. Val did send out a notification, but if you didn't get it or ain't on the mailing list...

Anyways, Hot on the tails of the management deciding that this really ain't a good idea, the government steps in and tells us that we can't anyway.

So, what to do in the mean time.

Well, hop on over to our Facebook page SCC Forum. Here you can swap anecdotes, piccys, find out about where everyone is heading next Wednesday, organise something you might like to share with the rest of us, lightpainting, astrophotography …

But if I catch any of you snogging round the back, privilege's will be revoked!

Not got a Facebook account

well, all you need is an email address.

You can lie through your teeth about who you are, your age (as long as its over thirteen. I gave then my dads birthday and according to them, I'm 108 now!) name, rank and Cereal number, whatever. Then ask me to be your friend and I'll invite you on to our Facebook site. It is for members only.

Of course, if you use your proper name, all them wallies at school will never be able to see you and what you're doing.

If you chose to go under a




fake name,

you'll have to tell your mates so that they can accept you to add to their chat lines.

Well, That's it for now



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