Onyx does Dallas!


That's another fine mess you've gotten me into.

Here's me, Standing in for PubOffy again (get well soon man, starting to get bored ...)

And tonights show was the fifth competition of the season and the second in the prints category, with Three the subject.

Just coz El Presidente was missing, there were no shots of flowers (I think they might do it deliberately) and I think we gave the judge, young Roy Essery (some of you might remember him for judging our transport compo last semester) plenty to consider.

A good turn out peeps, keep it up.

I like the fact that some of this photography stuff is sinking in. Very few criticisms were heard with regards to composition, colour, print quality. Most of his pointers were aimed at me, sorry, presentation and a few niggles about dodging and burning. But overall, a damn good show.

Of course there has to be a winner and that went to Katherine for her Green bottles. He gave it an instant ten

Second place also went to Katy for the stunning shot of the windmills. I only hope my copy of it (see below) does it justice because it is simply stunning. The judge gave me sevens and eights which is an insult really because this should be up in the eighteens or nineteens in comparison.

Sorry, lost myself there a bit ...

Third place went to William with his segway riders, really well seen, photographed and presented. Well worthy of third place.

There was also a highly commendable

ten for the PubOffy image of cool fishes. Nice one Jan!

And lastly there was a special prize of a box of sweeties from the judge for Dawn's Cupcakes.

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