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PDI #1 Reflections

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Well, off we go.

Another season is upon us.

This was the first PDI of the new year.

Our theme was reflections.

and what a mixed bag we had.

17 members submitting images made it a full night, might have to think about limiting it to just three entries in the future. Our judge, the lovely Peter Norris, not a stranger to our shores, was a bit rushed come the end of the evening.

Obviously water & buildings featured strongly in many of our images. Well ... it is the perfect medium for reflections when your out and about, though there were a fair few that didn't utilise this format. most notably, two newcomers in Patrick and Maddy. Showing us seasoned togs that there are new kids on the block & we need to watch our backs ... Welcome to those two and a quick Hi to Cheryl too. Welcome Back Rob also, after a years hiatus, though, if you're gonna keep trouncing us, you might find some of that ULEZ paint on your lenses!

Our judge was tasked with scoring each photograph out of ten and to pick a first, second and third at the same time. With so many entries, he could be forgiven for seemingly hitting the seven ana half mark too often, however there was 27 photos that hit eight or better. so if you add that to the seven point fives, 88% of our photos hit 75% or better.

At the end of the night, Peter held back twelve images, with shots from Chris, Steve, Rob, Tony, Colin, Patrick, Selva and Nick, going forward to the shoot out.

In equal third place was two of Rob's shots,

Dedham & Thorpe Bay (a sunrise and a sunset)

Second spot went to Tony's lovely Egret

and Rob grabbed the top slot with his sunrise over the Broomway.

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