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Peter Turner Trophy '23

Updated: May 17, 2023

Eee, I'm reet on the ball tonight. t'dust aint even settled and I'm writing this.

Tonight we had our annual Pete Turner Trophy.

This is held in memory of a member, sadly no longer with us but living on in the shape of this challenge. He loved Black & White work and was of an age where prints were all the rage.

This year, another quiet one, but we still managed to put together forty photographs for our judge to hold sway over. This time the adjudicator was Roy Essery of Colchester.

A special thanks to Roy for stepping up in a couple of our competitions, where our planned judge was not able to attend. In fact, Roy's been here more than some of our members and, judging by the insults he hands out, is fairly comfy with us.

Ok, so the brief was Black & White prints, though we had watered this down to monochrome or black and white. Most of my shots were from Battersea, Jon using Abney Park, Colin, Rob and Kev had been playing at Kentwell Hall. Val was using East Anglia as a powerbase. Katherine, well she was playing normally ... for Katherine. Chris was at Finchingfield (plus a racetrack and an airfield) Dave & Selva, well I haven't got a bead on them yet.

Roy took his time over each and every photo, giving hints and tips, perhaps a little lift to the dark here, maybe a crop there. I think everyone went home with something to help with future entries.

of the forty shots, Roy held back eight to look at again. two of mine (yea) and one each from Jon, Rob, Colin, Selva, Katherine and David.

first ones to fall was Katherine and Jon's photos which took nine points each. Next came my two shots @ 9.5 each. all the rest took tens.

Highly recommended was Colin's Traction Engine. Whilst he agreed its was a record shot, but what a shot, perfect in every way.

Next up was Selva's Red Kite, so much to see in this shot, could use a little lightening behind the head but that was just nit picking.

Roy was then troubled by which one to pick as a winner.

He finally went for,

and he stressed that it was just his choice on the night,

and that it seemed cruel to put one above the other,

but the winner would be ...


Here are the best of the night in no particular order ...

Colin's Steaming Away

Dave's Runner up .. Fountain & Figurines

Nick's Stormclouds over Vauxhall

Rob's Winner .. Hard at Work

Jon's Over the Top

Selva's third placed Red Kite

Katherine's Put on a Happy Face

Amy by Nick

and Finally

Roy congratulating Rob on his Win.

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