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All the latest from Springfield Camera Club - The Radley and Read Photo Challenge

The last in our year’s programme of trophy’s, the Radley and Read Photo Challenge sure is a challenge! Off we all went to the Dengie Peninsula and surrounding areas to take that one perfect picture for each of our designated subjects. This year, our challenge was set by David, the subjects comprising of ‘Old Oaks’; ‘Place of Worship’; ‘Abstract’; ‘Minimilist’ and ‘Landscape’.

Fortunately for us, the Dengie Peninsular holds the famous Mundon Oaks - well famous is bit strong, but well known. Behind the small redundant St. Marys Church, across a little field there are a couple of dozen or so 900 year old oak trees preserved forever. A spooky place even in daylight! Such interesting shapes and a great pity they were fenced off so fancy angles and views were out of the question.

Our route ran from Latchingdon to Bradwell and everywhere in between, much searching for that special landscape, the unusual church etc. If nothing else, the R & R Challenge affords a great day out and if you take a picnic - even better.

The criteria for this trophy challenge is to take the image and present it with minimal digital interference. No HDR, no putting in or taking out. Only cropping, contrast, brightening or darkening the images is allowed. So, as I said, a challenge of many aspects.

Anyway, we duly chose our single image per subject - hard choices had to be made - and the evening was fascinating, thoroughly commented on and judged by our invited judge, David Portwain. The overall marks had to be meticulously compiled and Kathryn came out tops. Congratulations Kathryn. Well done also to David and John L for their equal 2nd place.

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