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All the latest from Springfield Camera Club - Anne Miles and stuff.

Well, first of all I have to apologise for zero blog for last week. Circs beyond and all that. We had a sort of trial scoring system where we looked at images and (tried) to judge them as a real judge would, i.e. marks out of 10 for each image. The adding up was a little more complicated than usual but the results were really interesting. David took the top score with an absolutley beautiful Scottish landscape.

Whilst the scores were being totted up, Chris told us about the latest outside competition the 8 x 8 - that’s eight images from eight different photographers to you and me. We didn’t do too badly considering our competitors were pretty illustrious and came 6th out of 8. All the images did well but - and I am entering smug mode here - the one that Chris put in for me got 18 out of 20, unbelievable but satisfying.

That was the ‘stuff’ now for Anne Miles, our speaker for this week Those of you that have witnessed her talks in the past will know how amazing she is and how easy she is to listen to. She ‘puts the effort in’ as they say, up at dawn, there at dusk, measuring and working out the best angles etc etc. and boy does she get the results! Some stunning images of insects, which are her first love apparently, being a zoologist by profession, but also birds and alpine flowers. Some good technical advice and suggestions on ways to improve ones own images. Such a lovely lady and always welcome.

On a totally different note, it must be said that there were a few new additions to the evening. A quick word with one, said how lovely we all are. Friendly and forthcoming, feeling welcomed and is encouraged to continue - yay!

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