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A fascinating evening! So many different types of images, our judge Mike Fuller had his work cut out finding much to say about all 72 images presented to him. A well attended meeting the atmos was one of anticipation tinged with a je ne said quoi. A generous and liberal judge, Mike managed to say something nice about each and every image.

Back to the compo. Mike held back 14 images for further viewing making comments to ensure none of us were over excited (lighthearted comment from he shall remain nameless saying that he never got excited with Mike judging) and seemed to struggle to pick his favourites. Out of the 14, 7 were awarded a 10 - must be record - and he finally chose, in his words, the ones he would take home.

A superbly evocative image by John (G|) of Sally B a B17 (WWII bomber to lesser mortals) was the one Mike wanted to appropriate first. Secondly, a beautifully detailed image of Grand Central Station by Kathryn and thirdly, Nick (Tidman) with a stunning moody mono image of the cottage at the foot of an enormous hill (or mountain - whatever).

Honorable mentions must go to David for his Highland Stag at bay, Veronica for her ‘viking’ at Maldon Mud Race, The other Nick (T) for some unpronounceable mushrooms and moi for a dancer in full flow.

Oh, just a quick mention that Chris showed us the mono prints exhibited at a recent competition for us all to see how we did. Not last anyway!

That’s all folks till next time.

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