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Radley & Read: Maldon ‘23


Nothing was wrong, the evening went well, but where did the time go …

Tom, our judge called a halt after three rounds for a break …

it was twenty five past nine …

where did the evening go?

So, after a quick break it was back to judging the last two categories.

Then the fun started, Val & Veronica had no ideas of the authors, so could not attribute the scores. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the machine to spit out a result.

Tom suggested that we run through the tie break (windows) he would just give a score and we (me) could sort it out at our leisure.

So, there was no winners or losers in last nights competition

Turn up next week and, whilst we’re showing the shots that didn’t make it to your final entries (bring along any shots that you also took on a memory stick) and we’ll reveal the winner of this prestigious cup (well, whoever gets the job of cleaning it for the next year) and the chooser of next years rally … erm … August challenge.

See ya’s all next week

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