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Sam Tuck ‘23

This trophy event was set up to commemorate one of the founder members of the club.

Sam sadly left the club in 2001 and this competition has been running ever since 2002, save for the rude interruption of the Covid epidemic.

Last night’s adjudicator was a lad from Manningtree, step forward Mr. Harold Mousley.

The club gave him a little over fifty images to peruse … from planes to trains, sunrises to sunsets, flowers to frighteners, conkers to castles … twas a very mixed bag.

Harold bought a fresh set of views to our hallowed halls. A bit of a traditionalist, with an engineering background, he waxed lyrical over the skills of yesteryear, the power of the bomber, the art of the bricklayer, the ability to just relax and enjoy the moment. Not only was he handing out high marks for technical ability, there was also tens for passion, and I think thats the main thing I brought home from the evening. So, congrats to Colin for his Fiery Dahlia, to Cathy for her tank engine, Val for Marks Hall, Katherine and her Kingfisher, David & his conker, sorry chestnut, Rob’s stained glass window and of course Selva who not only picked up three tens, but also got first, second and third place. A first for the club.

Now all we have to do is get that smile off his face.

His photos are below

In first was Thurne Windmill. The judge thought this was majestic, the sun emphasising the yellows of the grass, which reflect onto the mill.

Second was the Bristol Boxkite which he said (amongst other things) an interesting technical shot, the clarity is brilliant, you can even make out the tensioners on the wires.

& in third was the Lancaster Bomber. “That is a lovely image as the aircraft is banking over”

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