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Selva Up North

Evening my wonderful fans

Onyx here.

Tonight we were entertained by Selva.

Now he’s another of those annoying folks who can take a better picture than me.

We need to put a stop this!

He started off the evening by explaining his subject matter.

He had persuaded the better half to take a photographer’s holiday.

Pretty brave, I thought.

Still, they decided Northumberland was the place they both wanted to see.

Selva had a plan, he’d buy one of those FotoVue books and see if he could emulate the shots.

What a great idea. Not only do the books explain where the some of the best places around that area are, but they also give you an idea of where to park, where the best view of the place is. On top of that is tips on lens choice, shot settings, time of day, time of year. Now some may call this unethical, but if I’d come back with some of those photographs, I’d have been chuffed as nuts!

Some of you may remember Justin Minns coming and entertaining us a while back, well he has an East Anglia version of this book, about the best places round these parts to go and shoot. Definitely worth a butchers!

So Selva started in Berwick upon Tweed. A lovely market town & Englands most northerly town (at time of writing, probably a city by the time you read this) spookily it’s further north than the capital of Denmark, weird huh? For years it kept swapping between the kingdoms of England & Scotland, finally in 1482, the English won out. Many locals still believe they are Scottish and their football and rugby teams both play in the Scottish leagues.

So after a quick tour of some of the sights, he moved across the Tweed to Spittal beach with its fabulous rocks. You could fill a card with swirling patterns here (remember to take some water to enhance the colours)

He also took us to Bamburg Castle, Lindisfarne (ruins and Castle) Dunstanburg Castle and Cragside House, home of a Victorian inventor who installed the first electrical system in a UK house, all powered by a hydro electric system of his own design.

I have to say Selva, that was a pretty entertaining evening. Whilst they can advise you how to shoot, we are still at the mercy of the weather, and you came back with some cracking shots!


That’s all folks

ps. If you feel that this might be the life for you and would like to take better photos, whether by camera or using your mobile device, come along and give us a looksee.

We meet every Wednesday for a couple of hours and as a special offer, you can get in for free. Just turn up at the Springfield room of the parish centre by eight pm.

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