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Seriously Slipping

Updated: May 17, 2023

Flipping ‘eck, I’m seriously cra … not very good at this.

so just a brief description of what we did last Wednesday.

we had high hopes of doing some light painting with wire wool and pretty sparklers and stuff like that, but my hopes were dashed by nobody being interested in letting me/us have access to the sports field, Ho hum. Reckon I’ll sneak over there one evening and learn the number by trial and error, I mean, there’s only a thousand possible combinations, what could go wrong?

So, we had to make do with the club room, all the blinds drawn and the lights off made it fairly dark. Dropping our ISO to a hundred and putting the f# up to the higher numbers enabled us to get ten second exposures, perfect for light painting. Young Jon brought along loads of little implements of torture to tease us with … and towards the end of the evening, everyone was getting the hang of what they needed for a decent image. I have to say my head was spinning from the amount of camera menus we went through, but, I think we got there in the end with no cameras being thrown at the wall or being stamped on.

It’s fun, you take the photo, check it out then tell Jon

"Nah, not bright enough mate, can you do it again”

Perhaps we can persuade Jon to bring his toys back for another go, now we know what we’re looking for, the evening would move on a lot faster.

I’ve nicked a couple of Jon’s shots (below) that show what could be achieved.

The only restrictions is our imagination.

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