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Teresa Green.

Yeah, I know, It's a long time coming

but it's finally here, the results of the last battle of the season ... Tree

Firstly, let me thank those of you who took the time to enter, Fifty two shots, just enough for the judge to get his teeth into. Now all we need is a projectionist who doesn't faff about, nicking all his time!

Our adjudicator for the evening was David Hall, not his first visit to our hallowed halls. His first call was for some of us to step up and do the judge training scheme run by the EAF because they are fast running out of bloodstock. As I said, I dealt him a few problems (hey, new computer and software) but by the end of the evening, I felt that he ran through the final entries a bit too quick. Having said that, a lot of the winners came from the second half of the contest.

Anyways, for the first half, his comments were enlightening and helpful & (with my shots at least) some generous marks handed out. He held back eight shots, with the proviso that the deserved a few more words, not necessarily more points! So Rob, Selva, David, Chris, Colin and Nick were on tenterhooks right until the end.

The Results

Joint third place with nine ana half points each were

Selva with his take on one of the trees in the Vale of Dedham

Colin with his Up & Down reflections and

Nick with his sunlight through a dead tree.

after a lot of back and fourth

Rob J picked up a ten, and second place, with his 'Lovely' & 'Well Composed' shot of the Tollesbury Trees

Leaving David's unusual 'Autumn Colours' A well seen and composed shot of tree trunks, to score a ten and take best of the evening

Nice one mate!

Overall, it was a close run thing

Rob J grabbed top of the evening with 27½

David K second with 27

Nick third with26

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